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Well, I'd feel odd calling it a Christmas Present, but I do have something to share.

(Click on the picture for the link.)

The majority of the pictures were taken over a month ago around Thanksgiving while I was in the middle of the rebuild. I needed a break, so figured I'd go for it. After that, though, I was more interested in the rebuild and getting what I needed for Pseudo 4.9. With Christmas, though, I'd occasionally find I had time to Sim, but not enough to work on anything major for the Legacians.

So, you get a new Dormie Guide. Yay!

There's more picspam inside... )
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Okay, so it's not as if I really needed to add anything else to my distractions, but I got it into my head to do this and couldn't stop until I'd done it. This weekend was busier than I'd expected, so it was easier to fill my limited simming time putting this together than doing update stuff, but.. well. Y'know.

Click on the picture for all you needed to know about Sim State dormies.

P.S. At the very least I got a new LJ icon out if it! :)
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This post is a bit of a reference for myself since I'm tired of having to search MATY when I need to remember the cheat. I also figured that other people might find it useful as well.

Have you ever noticed how the lighting in some downtown lots is really very dark? Even if there are plenty of lights around, they don't seem to illuminate everything like they should.

For example...

Basically, from what I understand after going to MATY about this, Nightlife's has some lots that come with a different lighting file. It's intended to make them look dark and mysterious. Essentially, no overhead lights work at all. You can place as many as you want and they won't affect anything in the room. This drove me absolutely nuts when I had to shoot pictures in Kirstial's house which was downtown.

All you need to do to fix it is type this in the cheat window: setLotLightingFile clear

That's it. It resets the lot's lighting file so that it's treated like any other lot. I try and remember to do it on all my downtown lots now.


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