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Work was supposed to be easier this week. It wasn't. It was actually worse. It's just a touch frustrating when you spend the bulk of the week busting your ass to get a big project out the door only to find out at the last second there's another piece that the other departments didn't tell you about.

I enjoy what I do and it's a good company for the most part. Unfortunately, it's still a relatively new company so there's lots of growing pains. Things are constantly changing and not everyone is as good at communicating as they should be. The e-mail chain I got on this lost piece goes back three weeks, but no one thought to let my department know so we could get it out with the rest of it.

The end of the fiscal year was yesterday, so hopefully there won't be any more "OMG OMG THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE RIGHT NOW!" panics. I've got lots of clean up I need to do, but for the most part the worst of the stress should be over.

Why I am I going on about this? Besides the release of ranting? Well, it means I haven't worked on any of my Sims2 stories at all. I keep looking at them thinking I should, and reading everyone's updates has made me want to get back to it, but the brain is not cooperating. On top of that, I don't think I've left a comment for anyone who has updated in the last week and a half. I've stayed on top of everything and liked what I read, but commenting just didn't seem to be in me at the moment.

To blow off steam, I've been playing a bit more of Maxistonia. I'm hoping now to set it aside nad get back to the Pseudo stuff, but while I'm here, let me show you some stuffs.

Pic Spam Ahoy! )

Hopefully I'll have a BC update out this week. The desire has been there even if the brain power has not. I keep seeing other people's updates and it makes me miss my pixel people. The Maxistonia neighborhood is a nice distraction, but it's definitely not the same. I think I'm ready to put it up for a while and get back to the meat of the game for me.


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