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Happy New Year to everyone!

2008 has been an odd year. I can't say it's been a bad year, but I'm not quite comfortable saying it's been a good year considering how it started out. I had plans to write a long 'year in review' post, but the time is slipping away, so that's not going to happen tonight. I still may post something son, but for now, this is it.

Here's to a good New Year to you and yours.


Dec. 15th, 2008 05:02 am
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I'm still being very careful, but I think Malwarebytes did the trick. It took three hours to run, but it caught 49 items and restarted to delete on reboot what it couldn't get originally. I did a Spybot scan after that, and all the Virtumonde stuff seems to be completely gone.

I could kiss you both!

I'm betting it was one of the ads on TSR. I was having no problems with the downloads and the issues didn't start until I went to look at an item on TSR. I got a couple of anti-virus warnings and everything went downhill after that.

THank you, thank you, thank you.


Dec. 14th, 2008 10:56 pm
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My computer has caught a virus. Or a trojan. Or malware. Or all three.

It happened yesterday. At first I started experiencing problems with windows explorer crashing on me as I was doing some things. I rebooted the machine and it wouldn't let me log in properly. After some fiddling and a panicked call to a couple of friends more technically adept than I and I got back in. That's when I started getting invasive pop up windows. Crap.

I did the usual steps to try and get rid of it, so it didn't help. I got ahold of another tech friend and he walked me through doing some more serious cleaning steps. Nope, didn't get it all. I even deleted things from the registry, which is scary. No luck.

This same friend came over today before our work party. He discovered that while he could clear out most of the pieces, there was a .dll that had attached itself to something that MUST be running while the machine is booted up, so it can't be deleted because it's in use. He's doing some research to see if he can find a way to remove that file. If we can remove that file, it should clear up the problem.

Until then, I get to deal with an infected machine. I'll clean it off every day, but that's still going to make simple tasks like surfing the web annoying. Hopefully it doesn't grab anything even more nefarious while we're working on what to do about it. I don't want to do a wipe of the computer because I've got files on it that aren't backed up. All my sims stuff is backed up, but I've got characters and artwork and other stuff on there I would be sad to lose.

As near as I can figure, the trojan either came from one of the Store Stuff downloads on MATY or from TSR (The Sims Resource). I was looking at TSR when I got a couple of warnings from my anti-virus program. After that is when I started having problems, so I'm leaning towards blaming TSR. GRR. Another reason to hate the site.

The most irritating thing about this whole mess is that it killed the time I'd allotted to work on the next Pseudo update. I'd intended to shoot some scenes and some filler I know I need, but by the time I could get into the game and do anything, it was too late. Guh.

If I have to wipe the computer, it's what I'll have to do. I'm sure I can save what I need to, it'll just be a pain in the ass. Irritating, but not life ending.

So, tell me something good to make me smile. :)
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Happy Halloween everyone!

It's rare that I don't have to work on Halloween. Tonight I'm headed over to a friends house for dinner. There'll be a bunch of us there, including my other friends' three daughters. Good food, good people. Yay.

I don't have any cool Halloween themed photoshoots of my sims, but I have been working on the next update. I'd guess I'm about halfway done with the scenes I need to shoot. I've got all day tomorrow to play around with (well, except for going to JC Penney and trying to get a missing wash cloth replaced - it's on the receipt, but wasn't in the bag when I got home), so I should be able to get most of it shot.

It's definitely going to be a two-parter. The slides I've got put together now come in at about 85, and as I said, I'm about halfway done. I'm sure I'll winnow out some slides as I write it and decide I can be more economical, but it's still going to be too big for one update.

I'm really anxious to get it out the door, partially because I want to hear what people think about it, and partially because I want to get moving onto other things. I think once I'm done with this, I'll have most of what I need for 4.9, but I'll still want to play everyone through to winter before I post that.

Anyway, here's some teasers and some sneak previews... )

Anyway, I need to get moving, but I felt the need to post. I hope everyone has a fun, safe Halloween. And in the case of the Prof, a happy birthday. :)


Oct. 19th, 2008 01:18 am
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Holy crap.

I won $1000 tonight.

Last night, after dinner with my dad and some family friends, we stopped at a neighborhood bar because they all wanted a coctail (and the restaurant I picked out didn't actually have a full bar). I'm not a drinker, but hey, I love all these people so I wanted to hang out. Being a bar in New York state, there was a Quick Draw lottery going on. I think for folks in New England, it's like Keno. Or something like that. Anyway, I played a few games and ended up winning $55. Cool.

Tonight we went out again with some other family and afterwards we went to the bowling alley where my cousin works. Again, being a place with a bar in New York state there was Quick Draw. Figuring what the heck, I played again. I lost on the first set of games I played, but on a whim I figured I'd try again. My cousin just gave me a look because he thought I was throwing my money away. Usually that's probably the case, but I figured what the hey.. I was still riding the money I'd won the previous night.

Sitting there with my aunt while we watched my dad and cousin play shuffleboard, I looked up and realized that three of my numbers had come in on one of the games I played. As I watched, the rest of my numbers came in. WTF! Not that I'm going to complain.

My aunt made me rub her lotto ticket before we left to go home.
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I took Thursday and Sunday off so I could have time to clean the apartment as good as it needs. Unfortunately for my housekeeping goals, my father decided to come into town this weekend. I'm delighted to get a chance to see him, but the apartment's only about a quarter done with the cleaning I needed to do.

The living room is mostly done. I still need to get out a couple of pieces of furniture I no longer need and put the finishing touches on things, but for the most part, it's done. Furniture's been moved, floor's been cleaned, stuff put back together. The biggest part of the project was taking down, cleaning, and putting back up in a new location the fishtank that had gotten really disgusting. Never use river stones in place of gravel. They're a bitch to clean and they really showcase all the algae your fish don't clean up. I should just give up on keeping a fishtank since I never keep it as clean as I should, but I still have five hearty fish still living, so I can't abandon them. They're currently wondering WTF is going on as they sit in a fishbowl in the dining room while the new water in their tank runs through the filter for a few hours.

On Sunday I should be able to devote my cleaning efforts to the dining room. My mom's hutch that I inherited is only half full and the remaining china and stuff are still in totes. I'll get all that put away and give the room a good cleaning. I haven't seen the top of my dining room table since about March. Yeah, it's gotten pretty bad. For the most part, I enjoy entertaining and having people over, but the apartment's been so messy and disorganized for the last few months, I haven't wanted anyone to come over. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

Now for the picspam.

Why are you wasting everyone's time with all this stuff when we've got a story update everyone wants!? GRRR! )
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First, someone else posted this and I thought it was hilarious. This is lifted from The Daily Dish.

So damn true. She definitely did better than I expected her to, but as someone else said more eloquently, our expectations were for her to make a complete fool of herself. It would have been nice if she'd actually answered the questions she was being asked rather than rediverting them back to the same talking points again and again.

Aaaanyway, I finally did that countdown meme that's been going around.

For way too much information on me, click here... )


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