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(This is the probable cover for 4.8a. I may change it. I'm not completely happy with Kirstial's pose. I wanted her gloating, but that just looks happy-go-lucky instead.)

I have one more scene to shoot, then I'll be done with images. I've got some of it written, but not a whole lot. I'm definitely hoping to have it out by the end of this week at the latest. In fact, I HAVE to have it out by the end of this week.

November 15th is the 4th Annual AngCon. It's the little mini-convention slash excuse to have a party with a bunch of gaming geeks that I host. I'd rather have had two weeks to prep for that, but I can survive with at least a week. For the most part, it won't be too hard to put together, but the big finale game is going to be D&D 4th edition which I'm less familiar with, so I don't know what kind of snags I'll come up with creating characters.

Regardless, chapter 4.8 is in the works. It's currently clocking in at just over 200 slides and that's without the last scene I need to shoot, which I expect to come in at about 10-15 slides. Obviously it has to be split into a two-parter. I'm pretty sure I know where I'm going to split it, but that'll depend when I get the last scene shot and most of it written.

As a side note, Jenn, your simself kept showing up on lots I was trying to stage scenes on. This happened THREE times on three different lots. She's never shown up as a walk-by or a work friend in the real neighborhood, but in this dummy hood, she keeps trying to get into the thick of things. It took me a minute to recognize her. I got rid of the Rabid Angel outfit I originally had her in, but forgot to give her a make-over. She's walking around in one of those low-cut dresses (like this). I promise I'll make sure she gets a make-over before she has to legitimately come on screen. :)


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