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Warning: Sim Stuff Ahead

I take a TON of pictures. For every picture that ends up in an update of mine, there are probably ten to twenty that don't. I save all of them and keep them around, though most of them never seen the light of day. While I don't have much in the way of real Behind the Scenes explanations on 4.7 like I did for 4.6, I still want to show off some of the pictures I couldn't use.

So click on the link and get spammed with pictures and my babbling! )
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Okay, I'm having fun showing off these pictures. More than likely, most of this won't make it into an episode, but some of it is too fun NOT to share.

Warning: Sim Stuff Ahead, Proceed at Own Risk )
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I have a picture on my wall that was drawn by a friend from a very long time ago. It's a group picture of all of our characters from a super hero game we were playing, but it was drawn as if all the characters had been turned into little kids. It's pretty darn cute and it's a prized possession.

I've got a fond sense of amusement for the whole concept of adults being turned into little kids suddenly. When I was very little, the Lil Archie comics were a favorite, and then when I got older, even my beloved X-men did it. Gotta love the X-Babies.

Anyway, when the inspiration hit me to do what I did in the legacy, well.. I just had to.

So Sim Pic Spam Ahead. Possibly Spoilerish. )


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