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Last night I was about to become very righteously indignant.

I was cruising my regular stops on the cc trail and saw a new house on Simcastic Designs that made me stop. It looked JUST like a house I had built. From what I could tell from the pictures, it was exactly my house, just remodeled with different paints and a gutted interior. I was ready to be pissed.

Theirs <--> Mine

Before making a fool of myself, though, I downloaded it to make sure. Once I got it in game, I realized that they were not the same lot. First off, theirs was built on a 3x3 lot while mine was on a 4x4 lot. This doesn't necessarily mean anything since the lot adjuster makes it easy to change a lot's size, but there were more differences than just that. Their foundation is obviously set up differently than mine.

Ultimately, their creator probably just found the exact same house plan I did. So much for my righteous indignation. Oh well. Theirs has really pretty landscaping, and I do like a couple of things they did, but I think mine is laid out better inside.

Anyway, in other simming news, I've been working on plotting out what I need for the next Pseudo update. I've got probably about 25% of the pictures I need, but before I start shooting or reshooting anything, I want to make sure I know where I'm going with it all. I know where I want to get for fifth gen college, but I've been floundering figuring out what I need before I get there.

In the mean time, here's some Behind the Scenes/Picspam on Isla Lostundo.

Because I can't post anything without sharing additional picspam! )
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Hey look! It's a two-for-one special! You're getting Sunday Picspam combined with Behind the Scenes "footage"! Okay, so maybe it's not that special and some of you would have preferred to get Behind the Scenes stuff and then also get Sunday Picspam. I figured it would be easier just to combine the two.

I was actually hoping to cover more in 4.10, but when I pulled the pictures I already had and estimated what I would need for plotty scenes and filler pics, I had over 220 slides. For most people this would mean a double update, but not for me. I've tried to do the double update thing and I fail every time. Once I've got one half finished, I can't wait. I upload it and then take a week or so to get the other half done. 4.11 will be coming before the end of the month, but I'm going to be gone next weekend and I still need to do some of the staged scenes.

So, on to the blather about 4.10!

First up, Boy's Night Out! )
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Hey look! It's Sunday Picspam on a Sunday. That's a first, isn't it?

With the holidays over, I finally had a weekend to myself. Friday gaming was canceled due to colds and flu-like symptoms. I still went out to dinner with some friends and played a bit of Wii at one of their houses. Beyond that, most of the weekend was spent either taking down and packing up Christmas decorations or simming.

This was the first time I'd actually had a chance to PLAY in the new neighborhood. I'd obviously done lots of work getting things set up and I'd staged several scenes in the new 'hood, but for the most part, I hadn't just played.

Oz was quite pleased to actually be played since this meant he got to learn all his toddler skills. Again.

Cut for obvious reasons and spoilerish stuff from 4.9 )
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I really wanted 4.9 to be out before Christmas, but I suppose just after New Year isn't too bad, all things considered. Christmas was the two-year anniversary to the day I created Taylor and began playing the legacy neighborhood. January 6th will be the two-year anniversary of the first time I uploaded a story. Considering how nebulous it all is, I'll still count this update as my anniversary update. I'd have liked to do something more, but there are only so many hours in the day.

I keep thinking about how excited I'm going to be to get Gen Five into college and really start their story, but that's not going to be as resonant if I don't develop them through their growing up years. Even though I'm anxious to get to some of the juicier plot bits I want to get into, the next couple updates are necessary to move things along.

So, let's talk about some spoilerific stuff. Don't click if you haven't read the most recent update. )
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Obviously, there are going to be spoilers in here if you haven't read both parts of Chapter 4.8. I've been working on this plotline for a very long time, so I'm probably going to ramble a bit now that I can finally talk about it.

It's funny. I've been working on this storyline for so long that when I asked for ideas on what people wanted to see next, I'd forgotten that no one else actually knew what was going to happen next. :}

First, though, let's talk about Ian. (60+ Pictures) )
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When I got this done and posted last night, I felt like falling over. This has been such a focus the past three months that I can't believe its finally done. I'm proud of how it turned out but grateful that it's done. There were a few points where I was almost ready to chuck the whole thing and walk away from it, but I'm glad I stuck with it.

Most of you that follow this journal heard the whining back in July when I was struggling with Day Two. It got easier once I was into the plotty end of things, but man.. I felt like I was never going to be able to finish this thing and get back to actually playing and writing the main legacy.

I've got lots of thoughts about the BC, but I'll save those for behind the cut.

First, though, inappropriate dining habits FTW!

Brody in all his sloppy werewolfness is my most common walkby at most of the lots. He quite happily lets himself in to his friends houses and makes use of strangers' garbage cans when he's feeling a bit peckish.

Now, on to the behind the scenes stuff!

Or.. 'Appearances Can Be Deceiving'... (50+ pictures) )
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Warning: Sim Stuff Ahead

I take a TON of pictures. For every picture that ends up in an update of mine, there are probably ten to twenty that don't. I save all of them and keep them around, though most of them never seen the light of day. While I don't have much in the way of real Behind the Scenes explanations on 4.7 like I did for 4.6, I still want to show off some of the pictures I couldn't use.

So click on the link and get spammed with pictures and my babbling! )
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Warning: LOTS of Sim Stuff Ahead. :)

Part Six is finally done. I originally wanted to get it all into one update, but the idea for the Twikkii Island segment grew so big that I had to split them in two. Now that it's done, though, I want to keep talking about it, so I decided to do a 'Behind the Scenes' thing. Consider it a DVD extra without the DVD!

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