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Hey look! Sunday picspam is back and it's actually Sunday!

I had hoped to have my update done by the end of May, but it's not quite there yet. It's close, but I've still got about 2/3 of it to write. Being that I'm easily distracted by shiny objects, I ended up doing a little bit of playing this weekend. While I wish I had finished the update, I'm not feeling too guilty about playing. It had been a long time since I'd cracked open the hood and just played.

Luckily, there were two houses that hadn't been played through winter yet, so I had something I could do without getting too much further ahead of myself.

Most of my houses are built on a foundation so I can have an area in the basement where I stash all sorts of stuff. Pose boxes, animation tools, insim tools, the bat box, stuff fortune sims beg for, but I don't want them to have. Occasionally, I randomly find a sim down in one of these areas. How they get there, I have no idea. Either way, I found Chandler Platz lecturing something from where he was stuck in the corner behind the insim machine.

Apparently he's actually friends with Julie. A holdover from her downtownie days, I'm sure.

Before I get into the happenings of Terra Lostundo, let me talk a little bit about the scene I did for this past week's sim_scenes prompt.

Ten picture limit. When all was said and done, I had taken 113 pictures. Multiply this by as many pictures are in your average Pseudo update and you'll see why my hard drive is starting to look at me cross eyed. Who'd have thought that 180 GB of storage space wouldn't be enough?

Most of the extraneous pictures were simply different angles of scenes I had set up. That's one of the things I very often do. I will set up a scene and then take about a dozen pictures from different angles. Close up, panned out, left, right, up, down. Sometimes there's only minor differences between the pictures, but it still gives me a bit more wiggle room to get the picture that will be just right.

For example, I really liked this picture. It was a nice close-up of her face and the emotion I was trying to get across. In the end, though, I decided to go with the picture that showed her whole body. The body language – perched on the edge of the couch, physically uncertain – went very well with the expression on her face. (If you don't have it already, you should really get the pose box from Club Crimsyn. It only has a few poses, but they're all very well done and provide options for which direction your sim is looking.)

There were a few parts of this I had to cut, though. I never thought the ten pic limit would be quite as painful as it has turned out to be, and I'm the one that chose the limit!

This pic was supposed to show our little hero defiantly glaring back at the Mean Girls Clique before she went into the haunted house.

I also had to cut her chess game with the ghost. I loved the idea of them hanging out and playing a game together, but in the end, I decided the conversation shot would be good enough.

The final pic I had to cut was the kiss with the Cute Boy the next morning. It bummed me to cut this particular part of it, but the ten pic limit is a ten pic limit. There weren't any other pictures I felt I could cut and still keep the story understandable.

As a side note, all the sims were named for their roles in this: NerdHero, Ghost, Boyfriend, Bully, Hangeron1, Hangeron2, and originally enough, Hangeron3.

Unfortunately for Hangeron2, we had a bit of an accident on the set. I loved that it was raining when I started shooting pics for this, but there is always the possibility of lightning strikes when you're outside. D'oh. :)

(click for a larger version)

Grandparent vacations for the win!

I had fun with this one. The Turners were essentially my trial run and was the primary reason that they and the Thayers had not been played through winter yet. I wanted to go before Noah and Aaron teened up, but while Henrietta and Irondequoit were children. I was also a little worried about how much time Genesis and Micah have. They are getting close to the end, so I didn't want to wait too much longer.

One of the things I also did during this vacation was make sure I'd fixed up the Twikkii community lots to have what I wanted them to have. There are always things from other expansions that should be on some of these community lots. For the Boardwalk, I added a playground, some vending machines, an arcade, and a break dancer.

Micah decided to try and learn how to break dance.

It was.. interesting ..to say the least.

There was also a firedancer on the lot. But he was dressed in Three Lakesian Flannelwear. I need to figure out how to fix that.

All in all, it was a good vacation. It cemented the cousins' relationships with each other and let them all get closer to their grandparents. All of them were friends with Micah already, but with the rebuild I hadn't quite gotten Genesis' relationships built up yet.

Eventually it was time for them to go home.

This shot is included because Irondequoit is cute and it's a shot of the beach house. Ndainye pointed me towards some beach lots on TSR that I've been slowly remodeling to fit family vacations like this.

Back in the hood, I decided to play the Thayers through winter. As it happened, one of their visitors when I opened the lot was Dwight. He stayed there for 48 hours straight.

<3 Dwight.

(Ah Dean.. you'd think he'd realize he's a little late to the party if one birthday cake is already gone and the other is almost there.)

One of the first things that happened in the house was the birthday for the twins. I have to say that while these boys won't really feature in the main storyline, I do love each of them. They're a fun bunch, and I love their genetics. They're an interesting blend of Meadow and Jeremiah. Jeremiah himself is an interesting mix of features from Genesis (Heather/Beth/Amber/etc.) and Micah, who is a mix of face one, face two, and the elf face. With the possibility of the Forehead of Doom from Professor Kelly.

Jacob is probably the smoothest blend of Meadow and Jeremiah. He got his father's brows and eyes, but got his mother's mouth and nose.

Caleb, on the other hand, got Meadow's nose while getting Jeremiah's mouth and jaw. I'm pretty sure his eyes came from Jeremiah, but I'm not sure on that one.

Aaron and Caleb actually look quite a bit a like. There is something different between them, though. I think it's the jaw. I think Aaron got Meadow's jaw while getting Jeremiah's mouth. It's hard for me to pin some of this stuff down.

Finally, Aaron's twin, Noah. I think Noah is the most classically attractive of the boys. He got Jeremiah's eyes and nose, while getting Meadow's mouth and jaw. I'm probably going to change his hair style eventually. He reminds me too much of Olie O'Leery with that hair style and those eyes.

"You're a dork, you know this, right?"
"I'll have you know that I am a certified geek. Get your terms straight, Aaron."

As a note on Noah's awesomeness, he rolled Pleasure. With the LTW to be a mad scientist. He and Mercedes both make me wish they were part of the first circle so I could spend a little time with them in the main plotline.

(Jacob and Aaron are both popularity while Caleb is Knowledge).

Speaking of Mercedes.


I've had mean sims before, but never before have I found one that I thought could be truly evil. Mercedes wins that distinction even before she reaches teenhood.

It's interesting. I could blame it on her lack of nice and playful points, but Venus had even less of both (0/0) and never seemed to have quite this potential for evil. I keep waffling back and forth on whether or not I can use this. For the most part, I wanted to let the secondary cousins fade into the background, but Mercedes keeps speaking to me.

I suppose we'll see how things go when she teens up. While she has little time for her cousins when it doesn't suit her, she does adore her adopted sister, Porsche. That could be a mellowing influence on her.

I still intend to do a sideline story about Porsche's introduction to the family. She's turned out to be a fun addition to the family and she's gone out of her way to get to know the rest of her cousins.

I wish I could have taken her on the vacation with the family, but they only had enough room to bring the biological grandkids. Not to mention storywise, the vacation is when Kiley and Julie will be adopting Porsche.

Finally, I leave you with Henrietta. Being Henrietta. She is her father's daughter. :)

Hopefully there will be an update sometime soon this week. And hopefully the Exchange will be back up. And maybe pigs will fly.


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