Jan. 12th, 2009

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It's a girl!

And Elijah thinks his wife is hot when she's giving birth.

Everyone give a warm welcome to Josephine Legacina. I really wanted a girl since Josephine was the only name I had left that I really wanted to use. I was fully intending on cheating to get a girl, but they gave her to me on first try.

I have no idea what Jo looks like yet, other than she has the expected black hair and dark blue eyes, just like her siblings. Like Oz, she also got S2 instead of S3 like Louise. As far as recessives go, she's got Shelby's green eyes and ... RED HAIR!!!!!! I can't tell you how much I flipped when I saw that.

As far as personality goes, she's completely different from her siblings. She's a Gemini, very similar to her father. 5/10/9/7/3. The only difference between her and Elijah are the playful points. He has only 3.

YAY! Sorry for the pixel baby spam, but I've been waiting for her since before the 'hood blew up. It's so nice to finally get her into the house. She'll also be the last baby for Elijah and Shelby unless they throw me a late life lullaby after Louise goes off to college. Right now the house is full (Matthew, Persephone, Elijah, Shelby, Steve, Louise, Oz, Josephine and Buttercup) and I don't see Matthew and Persephone going anywhere soon.


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