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First off, for those who missed the last post, I highly suggest checking out [livejournal.com profile] sim_scenes. We just uploaded our first weekly challenge today and Jenn posted an awesome run through on different falling interactions the game provides. I've been too busy to contribute like I want to, but I'm really excited about this community. (And for those that aren't already aware of it, you should check out [livejournal.com profile] sim_spiration which might as well be the companion site for writing instead of picture taking. Both are quite awesome.)

I don't really have too much to share at this point, but I have been working on the next update. As a result, most of the pictures I've been taking are not sharable. Still, I've got a couple for you. Like my favorite picture of Moon so far:

See, sneak peek! I've got all the slides I need, so I have completely run out of excuses to keep me from writing. With as slow as I can be with the writing part of things, I'm hoping to have this out by this weekend, but I'll be happy to have it out sometime next week before Memorial Day weekend.

I'm fairly happy with how this one came together. Much happier than I was with the last one. The last one was a struggle, but I think I had a better feel for where I was going with this one. Hopefully the writing will be easier as well.

Back to the sim at hand, Moon as smart and mysterious as she is, is still not immune to the lure of drinking the bubbles. I've never actually had a sim kid do bubbles autonomously, and I forget to have them do it. It seemed like something she would enjoy, though.

She didn't care for the taste, but she did it three times just to be sure.

I had to shoot some plotty scenes at the Walton house in the dummy hood, but the house was at Spring and I needed Fall. I changed the season, but the pond was still frozen, so I had to put the house on fast forward while I waited for the pond to unfreeze. While I was doing that, I caught this pic. Much love for Brody. He's the best furry granpa any kid could ask for.

And finally, a pic of Elijah and Shelby doing what they do best. I swear, I logged into the house to specifically get a shot of them interacting, and this is what they did immediately. It's not exactly what I needed, but it still made me smile. I think they're the stalkiest couple I've ever, EVER had.

Anyway, that's what I've got going for right now. No writing occurred today before work, but we shall see if I can accomplish anything in the later day.

How are you all doing? Talk to me. :)
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